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1. Colored pencils – at least 12 colors, (recommended brands are: Faber-Castell, Prismacolor,CarandAche, Stabillo, Derwent).

2. Graphite pencils – any brand pencils from HB to 6B

3. Watercolor paint sets, at least 12 colors (brands: Windsor Newton, Grumbacher, St. Petersburg Watercolor, Yarka)

4. Fine and extra fine Sharpie Markers/ Brush-tip Pens or any alcohol -based markers (suggested brands: Copic, Pentel, Tombow) – minimum black, preferably assorted colors

5. Oil Pastel Set, at least 12 colors(Expressionist by Sakura is a good brand)

6. Kosher Salt or any course salt (available at any grocery store)

8. Rubbing Alcohol and a small pipette (available at any grocery store) – this item is optional

8. Watercolor Pad at least 14X11″ ( suggested brands: Canson, Strathmore, Cotman)

9. Synthetic or squirrel watercolor brushes, round, size 1 to 7 (brands: Winsor Newton, Dick Blick)

10. Modeling Clay (assorted colors)

11. Assorted Colored Paper, preferably acid-free – this item is optional

13. 3 Glue sticks, PVA Glue (a small bottle)

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