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Irina Parfenova “Sorority”, oil on canvas

We are serious about art and education. Viz Art offers a variety of fine art classes that fit any age and level. Our unique program matches students to an appropriate level class.

Introducing a child to the language of visual arts can enhance their cognitive and creative development. At school we stress the importance of systematic education that broadens cultural horizons, connects to other disciplines and masters artistic skills.

Each class incorporates three educational components:

  • Conceptual – the idea behind the subject under study. For instance, in Paleolithic Art Unit we ask questions why people drew on cave walls.
  • Contextual – the significance of an art-making process at a certain time in history and why it is important for us today. For instance, we search for answers why artists depicted only animals and human figures during Paleolithic Age.
  • Technical – the materials and art-making approach. For instance, why pre-historic artists used charcoal, clays and linear drawing to produce art? Then we adopt the Paleolithic art approach in a class project.
Yulia K., age 8, My Family as Penguins, mixed media on paper

Our program is multidisciplinary. Students learn about the world through the prism of fine arts. As we create, we embrace such disciplines in our projects, as mathematics, biology, anatomy, chemistry, physics, engineering, literature, history and philosophy. Viz Art school has scientific/technical equipment to facilitate a multidisciplinary learning.

Neena X., age 15, A Cellscape, watercolor on paper

We practice art activism. Viz Art partners with local and national organizations. We create art that raises awareness of the contemporary global issues, such as pollution, climate change, geopolitical conflicts, destruction of ecosystems, etc. Thus, our students learn compassion and actively connect to the world through art.

Jennie C., age 13, The Rescuer, watercolor on paper